Rain Medi Spa & Salon
384 Sheppard Avenue East
Toronto, ON M2N 3B5

A treatment that uses low-level light therapy- supplies energy to the face in the form of non-thermal light photons. Cold lasers use light waves in the near-infrared ranges that penetrate into the skin.

The benefits of the Cold Laser Facial:

  • Stimulates & improves blood circulation and drainage of the lymph nodes
  • A Skin rejuvenation treatment that enhances collagen and elastin synthesis
  • It firms and tones the skin
  • Improves skin surface texture
  • Aids in healing and repairing Acne
  • Reduces the appearance of scars
45 min $175 (includes customized facial and light therapy)
15 min $45 – Treatment for the eyes (add-on)


~ All prices are subject to change without prior notice~