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Finding Harmony in Hectic Times

Balance in life is essential, but also elusive, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that it is out of reach. We all have places to go and people to see, but too often forget about how that is affecting us. When you decide to schedule in the time for yourself, everyone around you will benefit, and you will gain the calmness and serenity that seems so foreign.

Take a mini break out of your week and escape with the help from ancient Thai practices that for centuries have helped center and balance and create an overall well being.

Thai Yoga Massage has been practiced for centuries and originates from Indian. This very hands on treatment is performed while the recipient is fully clothed, and no oils or lotions are used. The recipient is passive and allows the therapist to move them throughout different yoga type poses, using pressure points, rocking and gentle pulling. This treatment is performed on a floor mat and requires the recipient to wear loose comfortable clothing.

Thai Herbal Heat is incorporated during a Swedish massage, steamed compresses are filled with aromatic herbs and are used on various points on the body. The heat helps to alleviate tensions and relaxes the muscles, inviting a feeling of weightlessness, both in body and mind.

The reaction to these types of treatments are always bliss and total relaxation, a time to reflect on all that your body provides for you and what you can give back to your body.