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Big Hair Don’t Care

I have a natural lion’s mane, a delightful combination of thick, curly and frizzy hair.  Styling products can only try to tame it.  So it didn’t take much convincing after my consultation with the hairstylist that I am the perfect candidate for this Japanese Straightening Treatment.

Coming prepared with patience and a good book, the long process began.  For this pin-straight hair be ready to spend a good part of the day chatting with your stylist.

The treatment begins with the stylist saturating your hair with a solution that will sit for approximately 20 minutes, the timing depends on a few different elements, how thick, curly or previously processed your hair is. This solution is used to break down the bonds.  It is then rinsed.  The stylist then blow dries and flat irons the hair.  Because I have a lot and it is on the thicker side this part took up the majority of time.

Another solution is then added to neutralize the first solution, this is the step of the treatment that will lock your hair in place.  It remains on for a few minutes and then it is rinsed off.

Getting a consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate for this treatment is highly recommended, this is also a good time to get an estimate on the cost.  Because Japanese Straightening is a time consuming and product intensive treatment you are looking at a cost anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on different factors such as length of hair.

The treatment was now wrapping up and as I was getting the final blow out (which is product and flat iron free), any doubt that I had going into this was quickly erased as my commercial worthy locks shined right before my eyes.  It was incredible days and weeks later to still be able to glide my fingers through my silky, shiny, smooth hair.  With very low maintenance I am able to spend more time on other things, like curling my eyelashes.  I wish I had done this treatment sooner, and I look forward to my next treatment in 6 months when my roots grow out.

Straight hair do you dare?