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Nailing Down the Trends

Aside from fashion, nothing has evolved more than how we dress up our nails. Science has made it possible for a longer lasting look, colours that outshine the rainbow and accents that transform nails into art pieces.
Nail Lacquer from brands such as OPI, Essie and Dare to Wear provide an array of colours, leaving you with a fresh shine every time. These types of polishes are best used with a base and top coat, and have a drying time of at least 15 minutes.

Vinylux is a weekly polish and could be considered shellac’s little sister. With a two step process (no base coat) that dries quickly, and a large selection of colours it is quickly becoming the go to polish.

Shellac is known for its staying power, with 14 days plus you no longer have to touch up your nails weekly. There is almost zero drying time, which makes it a great option if your don’t like waiting around for your nails to dry. When it is time to remove, your nails are soaked for a quick five minutes.

Gel Polish is still sought after by those looking for easy application and long lasting affect. Perfect Match gel polish cuts service time in half with a deep sleek finish. Drying is quick with the UV light and it is removed by being soaked off.

Nail Envy with Colour strengthens and tints at the same time. It is long lasting and no base coat or top coat needed. Your nails are stronger and healthier in just one application.

We love seeing the evolution in nail care products. The industry continues to look for better ways to keep your nails healthy and strong while adding style. There is truly an option for everybody.